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BSD Education is dedicated to empowering the kids of today with the tools for tomorrow. BSD Education partner with schools to make it easy to integrate technology curriculum, including coding into all subjects, without the need to hire skilled professionals.

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Our online learning environment scaffolds teaching


Our online learning environment scaffolds teaching


Training that empowers teachers of any experience to immediately and confidently adopt our curriculum and teaching materials

Teach Students Career-Ready Technology Skills




(Blockchain, VR)



Programs of Learnings

Teaching Materials: Ready-to-use Curriculum

We focus on being able to integrate real-world, project based technology curriculum into all subject areas so that every student, no matter their interest, can develop the skills required for the future.

Our curriculum is divided into engaging, easy-to-follow modules that enable students to e.g. build a data collection app to gather live data from a basketball game to study in statistics or build a website about the history of ancient civilizations.

Our curriculum is also mapped to US, IB and British academic standards and can be implemented immediately with no prior experience – 76% of teachers using BSD online and BSD programs have no technology experience. Why? BSD’s training programs give instructors all the skills, knowledge and confidence they need.

Technology Program (age 8 — 16)

Enhance your existing Technology or Computer Science classes with Artificial Intelligence, Game Development and more.

The TechReady program takes students on a progression of learning to apply their digital skills to solve real-world problems. Deeply connected with computing, digital citizenship, and cross-curricular learning opportunities, it includes 6 courses in various fields of technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Game Development and App Development. One course contains 3 units with 20 hours each and is always finished with a capstone project to make sure students are able to apply what they’ve learned.

Course Includes:
  • 360 Hours of Content
  • Rubric Assessment
  • Capstone Project
  • Online Learning Platform access for your schools and students
Ready-to-use Teaching Materials:
  • Unit Overviews
  • Lesson Plans

Summer Camps 2024 Online

Exploring Blockchain: Building a Simulated Wallet System (Online)

This course is for intermediate JavaScript programmers. Learn blockchain basics, security benefits, and create a blockchain wallet system. Prior coding experience preferred.

First Steps in coding (Online)

Learn the three fundamental coding languages and get a solid headstart on website development!

Game Development 101: Start Your Tech Journey as a Game Developer (Online)

Create your own magical world of myths, potions, and monsters with code!

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Create Your Own Digital Pet (Online)

Immerse yourself on animation and learn to code to bring your digital character designs to life!

First Steps In Python (Online)

In this introductory course for beginners, students will learn the basics of coding in Python. The course will focus on learning Python syntax, structure and parameters and then use the knowledge and skills to build two projects.

Code Your Own World with VR (Online)

Code Your Own World with VR. From forests to Mars, students will bring their imaginations to life by coding their own virtual reality world.

First Steps in Game Development (Online)

Create your own magical world of myths, potions, and monsters with code!

Mobile Game Developer (Online)

Code and develop your own mobile app games! Students will get to build their knowledge on programming languages HTML, CSS and JavaScript that will allow them to build a variety of tech projects.

Video Game Design With Phaser (Online)

Using the popular desktop and mobile gaming framework, PhaserJS, students will learn how to create online shareable games.

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